The due date for the last project is Dec. 17 (Wed.) 6 p.m. You can choose one of two projects.

1. Acoustic Simulation of your studio project.

Select one of public spaces in your studio project such as a lobby, a lecture hall, or a concert hall. Install loud speaker systems in the space and simulate their acoustic performance using Ecotect. You should use both reflection and absorption materials.

1.a Submit acoustic simulations in plan, section, and perspective using Ecotect.

1.b. Submit a rendered plan, section, and perspective using 3DS Max + Vray, or Revit Rendering. Their views should match with acoustic simulations.

1.c. Upload one acoustic ray animation on Youtube using CamStudio.

1.d. Describe the acoustic evaluation of the selected space answering these questions (use the Week 12 Quiz as your reference):

(1) How do you know whether the acoustic performance is good or bad?

(2) What are important elements/components in your acoustic design?

(3) What are the specifications of your loud speaker system?

(4) What kinds of material were used in the space to improve acoustic performance?

(updated at Dec. 9)

1.e. Make your final presentation

(1) Record your presentation using CamStudio or Screencast-O-Matic.

(2) Upload the record on YouTube and its link in this website.



2. Embedded Acoustic System.

Develop an interactive system using input and output devices. You need to set up an environment and locate your system within it. (For example, you need to specify the location of your system in a lobby or a bedroom). The system should be installed in a scaled physical model with a human figure in it showing the relationship among your system, people, and the environment. The system should utilize sound as an input (using a microphone or a noise sensor) or an output (using a speaker).

2.a. Upload a Youtube video demonstrating the behavior of your system.

2.b. Upload your Arduino file in the class server.

2.c. Upload a presentation video using PPT presentation including your narration.(use CamStudio, or Screencast-O-Matic)

2.d. Upload your PPT file and list of devices you used.



(updated at Dec. 9)

3. Research Paper

3.a. Include your answers to other students’ questions in “Further Studies” section in your paper (include one if you don’t have)

3.b. Make a final presentation

(1) Record your presentation using CamStudio or Screencast-O-Matic

(2) Upload the record on YouTube and its link in this website.