Working class people vote conservative based on their current lifestyle.  The working class citizens typically are very busy and do not have time for the inconveniences brought on by change.  They eat sleep work and wake up again to do it the next day.  The upper class has managed to trick them into voting for the interests of the wealthy.  Ideation in current society is overwhelming.  So many people have done so many that original innovation is hard to come by.  We are also living in the age of the machine.  Machines can be said to own the humans.  Rather than innovating and creating, many people may find themselves imputing data into the machines as if they were the robots.  This does not leave room for innovation and originality.  The lighting process is similar to innovative ideation.  It also ties in with the machine.  The lighting design process, like anything else, is an approach where human innovation meets technological advancement in a wide array of different views and interpretations.