Fibonacci Voronoi Lighting Option

The beginning Fibonacci section of the definition is not mine.

FIbonacci Voronoi

Radial Fibonacci Star that also works in other shapes. It looks nice on a half-sphere as well.

Better Lamp Render

Here are two ideas I have for my lighting design. I have two more that I am working on. In short, I wish to planarize a double-curved surface into quads (for fabrication) with a scaled pattern in a radial configuration either orthogonally or vertically. Whether it turns out to be a hanging fixture or not, I am not sure of yet. I have attached some inspiration as well. There are ways I have been exploring to make the fixture quite bio-inspired with weaverbird that I will work on incorporating as well.

I hope to use Arduino and have a sensor control whether it turns on or off. I will develop my concept more in the next couple days as I work on the form.

Will upload more ideas in the next few days as I work on my code(s).

Thank you,