Lighting Fixture Fab Assignments:

Design and Build the frame structure of your 5 x 5 lighting fixture modules.

(You don’t need to assemble/install your light modules, we will install them after wiring LED diodes next week.)

Take a picture of your finished frame and upload it on the class blog by next Wed. midnight (Oct. 1)

For team project members, your model is in full scale (1″=1″). For individual project members, your model is in 1/2 scale (1″ = 1/2″). Consider that your desk dimensions are 32 x 72 inches. The sizes of frames for both team projects  and individual projects are max. 16 x 32 inches. (following laser cutter sizes 18 x 32 inches)

Any late work will be down-graded 10% daily.

Reading Assignment:

Read distributed two articles and answer below questions, upload your doc file on the course blog by Oct. 8 midnight (two weeks later)

1. Questions from “Hackers and Painters.”

How are hackers and painters different from each other based on the article (not your ideas)?

How are hackers and painters similar to each other based on the article (not your ideas)?

Are you a hacker or painter? Explain why?

2. Questions from “Questions of Perception” (this article will be distributed on this Thursday)

After reading the article,

1) select a lighting design project that inspires you most.

2) describe the effect of lighting design elements in the selected project.

How does the architect design the building and lighting ?

Does she use direct or indirect lighting?

Does she use natural or electric lighting?

Does she use the changes in brightness, in object color, or in color temperature (of light source)?

3. describe the purpose of designed lighting effect.

What does the architect want to achieve?

4. describe your own evaluation about the selected project?

Was the project and lighting design effective and successful? If you think so, explain what makes the project successful.

If you think the project is not successful, explain why?

(You should make a decision about the selected project. If you don’t know about the project well,  can’t evaluate, or lack solid reasoning, your assignment will be considered as incomplete.)