You can submit your own independent lighting and acoustics project proposals.

Just write one page proposal which includes both lighting and acoustic topics, and email me your intention and an initial proposal by midnight Sep. 29. (no late proposal will be accepted)

One critical aspect of this project is that it must make you excited and yourself fun!

Proposal Dues:

Initial draft: Sep 29. Monday Midnight

Revised Proposal: Oct. 6. Monday Midnight

Final Proposal: Oct. 13. Monday Midnight (no change allowed after your final proposal)


1. Times new roman, 12 font,

2. Single line space,

3. 1 inch margin four sides.

4, Your name and the title of your study.


1. Single study purpose written in forms of (multiple) questions.  For example,

How does lighting technology change the perception of public space?

2. Evaluation criteria using NUMBERS. For example,

1) 5,000 words-essay,

2) Your own lighting fixture design with 5,000 lumen, and a zero-energy speaker (solar powered or kinetic powered)

One mandatory mid-term review:

Pick your date (during class time) and include it in your proposal. You will present your interim work to your class mates.

Final Study Project Presentation & Submission Due:

Presentation at the last date of this course (December 9th).

Materials are due Monday midnight (December 8th)