Read two articles, and write two paragraph summery from them (one paragraph from each article). Use Times new roman, size 12-font, single-space, 1 inch margins (four sides). Due Oct. 1st Wed. Midnight. Upload your doc or pdf fils on our class blog. These articles will be distributed on this Thursday class (9/18/2014)

1. Wicked problems in Design thinking. Richard Buchanan

2. A rational design process: how and why to fake it.  David Parnas, Paul Clements.

Fabricate 5 X 5 modules of your lighting fixture design using Grasshopper. Due Oct. 24 Midnight.

0. Prepare your module using GH (this comes from your last week’s assignments)

Make sure that your module has 1) two holes for one LED diode, and 2) four holes to connect each other using wires or ties.

1. Create a 3D surface that will work for your global structure.

2. Create a list of corner points from the rectangle.

3. Apply your module design into the list of corner points.

4. “Bake” your curves and export them as DWG or DXF files

5. Laser cut your files and assemble them using wires or ties.

6. You don’t need to install LED diodes this week. (we will work on it next week)

Submit your GH codes and model pictures by next Wed. midnight (9/24/2014). Late work will be down-graded 10% daily.

Next week, we will cover how to make a global frame design and wiring LED diodes.