General Name:  Hawaiian Bobtail Squid

Scientific Name:  Euprymma Scolopes

Dimensions:  The average male adult is about 20-30mm (0.79-1.18in)

Weight:  The average male adult barely reaches 3 grams                            

Geographic Location:  Surrounding Hawaiian Islands

Climate:  Tropical, saltwater or marine.  They are found in warm, shallow coastal waters 2-4 cm deep.  This is unusual because most sepiolid squids reside in very deep water

Food Chain:  “sit and wait” predator

Life Cycle:  Development=Metamorphosis.  Lifespan=2-3 months in the wild, 3-5 months in captivity

Breeding Speed:  There are no specific seasonal breeding intervals for this squid.  Clutch sizes vary between 50-200 eggs. It takes an average 30 minutes to lay each clutch of eggs. The number of clutches each female lays varies greatly. After females are finished laying eggs, they cover them with sand and then depart, leaving the offspring to fend for themselves.

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